Posted by: runwithgarrison | February 5, 2013

Weekly Training Recap Week Ending 2-3

Aloha Everyone,
I had several goals heading into the week….
1) run my daily training runs at a much faster pace—around 7:30 pace
2) get in my first track workout of the year–5xmile
3) run 70-80 miles for the week
4) get in a nice 15-18 mile long run

And after all of this, I wanted to see what sort of effort I could muster at the Faerber 10k here in Honolulu.
Here are the results…..
This week I was successful getting in most of my runs at 7:30 pace or faster. But truth be told, I struggled to find the right pace–I think I ran some of these runs a bit too quick. Here is a summary of the daily runs this week
11.15 miles @7:18
8.01 miles @7:28
5.33 miles @ 7:15
8.41 miles @7:40
See what I mean–I need to pay closer attention to the Garmin and just learn to chill at 7:30 pace. Hopefully, I can make this adjustment soon.
2) I hit the track on a beautiful, windy day for 5xmile. It was a very, very tough mental day for me but I was able to manage averaging 6:09 for the miles. I was hoping for sub 6 average, but since I wanted to just go home after 2, I found a small victory in simply finishing the workout. Next time I know I can do much better.
3) weekly mileage totaled right at 75 miles for the week
4) Long run—due to a change in my work schedule, I ran the track workout Friday and the long run Saturday morning (followed by a 10k on Sunday—Yikes!). Anyway, the long run was great– I ran out over Diamond Head, thru Kahala and out and back on the highway along the marathon course. Thru 14 miles I was running around 7:17 pace and then the wheels started to wobble a little bit. Again, I like running this increased tempo and I know I will reap benefits in the long-term, but I ran this thing too fast. As I was finishing thru Kapiolani Park, I ran into Dave Carlson and Gerry Lindgren and they put some pep back into my step—Thanks Guys! The run totaled out at 17.55 miles at 7:26 pace.

And now onto the Faerber 10k–Not much of a race on my part to report. My warmup was fine but I was feeling tired from the efforts of the week. I was secretly hoping that I could pull some magic out and run fast like I did 2 weeks earlier, but it was not in the cards. I came thru the first mile with Jon Lyau and Andrew Taylor around 5:45 and then I just let them run away from me. Will came running up to me around 2 miles and I just let him go as well. My thighs felt like cinder blocks and my will to compete was waning. I turned the run into a tempo run until about 5 miles when I just made up my mind to finish strong. I took off down Diamond Head and just cranked thru to the park to finish in 19th place with a time of 40:15. At first, I was not too stoked about the performance, but after a little reflection, I am happy to put in a nice run at 6:26 pace at the end of the week—Mission Accomplished

Pauline also had a big Saturday by putting in her longest run to date–she cranked out 13 miles in around 2:20. She is right on target so far and I can see the excitement starting to bubble up in her. 12 weeks to go and I am so excited for her!!!!

Big Congrats to Shelby and Dianne for each earning 2nd place spots in their age groups this weekend at the local 10k and 5k races!!!!

This week–another trip to the track, a nice long run, a trip to tantalus, more 7:30 pace runs, another 70-85 mile week and——The Lottery Results are posted on February 6 for the San Diego 100—I hope I get in!!!!!!

Thanks for all your great comments! Please keep us updated on your training and racing!




  1. Nice work Paula! I’m looking forward to hearing about your progress and success.

    Mike, I know you know when it’s important to train hard and when not. But don’t sweat the daily pace control too much, man. You’re not going to run 7:30 on the dot every run. Some days you’ll just feel better than others. Flow with it; don’t be worried about running a bit faster on days you feel good. On the other hand, be sure to back off plenty on days you’re not feeling so great. On those days you’re body is telling you to give it a break.

    I have to say I was concerned when you announced you were going to significantly up your regular training pace. Make sure you’re getting proper recovery days in.

    As for me, last week was a bust. I got myself in the dog house with Phuong and we didn’t workout together. Which meant I didn’t workout. I did continue with theraband, rocker board and calf raise work. It seems like my ankles are getting stronger. We’ll see. I am having difficulty finding the big D (discipline) to do what needs to be done.

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