Posted by: runwithgarrison | November 2, 2014

Javelina 100k Finsih


Just a quick update….I dropped out of the Javelina 100 miler at the 100k mark at 13:32:04. Starting around 40 miles I started experiencing some dry heaving that progressively got worse and reduced me to a walk starting around 43 miles. This was a similar situation that I experienced at the HURT earlier in the year, however this was the worst it has ever been. I think these issues primarily revolve around my inability to burp (i know it sounds silly, but it is not very fun and quite uncomfortable at times). I had put off seeing a gastroenterologist in hopes that I could manage it on my own. Clearly, I cannot and I will get in to see a Doc asap in order to figure out the best way to deal with this situation. The pressure build-up in my abdomen seems to get progressively worse after around 7-8 hours of running–not a fun thing to manage on a 100 mile run.

Lap splits in case you are interested–each lap 15.3 miles

15.3 miles: 2:37:38

30.6 miles: 5:13:54

45.9 miles: 8:42:31

61.2 miles: 13:32:04

Anyway, thanks for all your support and well wishes! It looks like there will be no 2015 Western States 100 in my future since I did not finish the 100 miler this weekend and I am ok with that. I feel confident that I put my best foot forward today and that I need to heed this wake-up call to get this condition dealt with properly. As of right now, I am still planning on running the 2015 HURT and I will train the best I can once I have recovered and seen the Doc. Every problem has a solution, we just need the patience, guidance, and insight to find it.

Happy Trails,




  1. I know bagging it must not have been easy, still an impressive 61 miles.

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