Posted by: runwithgarrison | February 6, 2013

100 Miles–Past and Future


Just over a year ago, Pauline, Tracy and I ventured to Huntsville, Texas for the Rocky Raccoon 100 and I must say that it was quite an awesome undertaking. It was my first attempt running anything past 50 miles and it was Pauline and Tracy’s first time crewing at such a long event. We had also just started writing this blog (on race day there were 515 hits)—Added Pressure???? In addition to managing me along the 100 mile route, Pauline and Tracy were able to keep the blog followers constantly updated on my whereabouts, kept me in relatively dry socks/shoes/shorts/tops, made sure I always had a Nathan pack full of yummy Skratch Labs secret drink mix, and always were awesome and upbeat every time I saw them—even when I saw them at my absolute worst around 60 miles. I have been thinking about this more and more over the past week in anticipation of the February 5 lottery for the San Diego 100.

Over the course of my reflection, I have realized that I have grown so very much as a runner over the past year–it feels like more has changed compared to what has stayed the same. It feels like I am evolving into a much better Ultra Runner and I am excited to see where that takes us—-All of us that are along for this journey. And whether you are running with me, crewing, reading, following, commenting or supporting in a multitude of other ways–Please know that I am grateful that we can all be a part of this venture!

A few equipment notes–what has changed or stayed the same since last year at Rocky Raccoon
Shoes–Still train in the NB 890 and use the Adidas XT on technical trails
Shorts–my 2′ split Nike shorts have been replaced with Patagonia Board Shorts—Amazing decision!!!
Tops–still love the nike tops
Hydration—I no longer wear the Nathan packs and I now just carry 1 bottle and refill by carrying the individual packets of Skratch Labs drink mix—having a big pocket on the board shorts made this possible
Tunes—-I still adore and use my iRun waterproof headphones—Thanks Frank!!!!
BTW—I still have all those inspirational messages you sent to Pauline prior to RR100 on my ipod and I listen to them daily!

Time to wrap this up…..Thanks again for all your support and I hope to see you out on the roads or trails soon—Especially at the 2013 San Diego 100 on June 8-9 because I got in!!!!

The San Diego 100 is a pretty darn tough 100 with about 21,500 feet of elevation gain. If you live in the San Diego area, we would love to have you come out and watch/crew/pace so circle this one on your calendars.

And for Zeke & Tracy–I have scheduled the back to back racing events in anticipation of entering the SD100. I know it seems a little crazy, but I feel I need to toughen myself up with some longer back to back efforts. I know it may not be pretty, but I have a hard time making time here on island for back to back 5-6 hour days.

Thanks guys–the next set of races will be the week of Feb 18-24 with the Great Aloha Run, Lake Chabot 50k, and the Montara Mountain 50k.

Have a great week and Happy Running



  1. Sweet! Congratulations on getting in to the SD100. Looks like the right stepping stone to WS100.

  2. Sweet! Can’t wait

  3. Still can’t figure out how you can run in swim trunks. Insides of your thighs must be polished smooth to a glossy finish.

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