Posted by: runwithgarrison | September 9, 2014

Tantalus Triple Trek, HURT 100, & the last 4 weeks of training

Aloha everyone!
Wow, it has been quite a while since I posted anything on the blog. My apologies. After a tough run at the Tahoe Rim Trail 33M in July, I took a little bit of time to regroup and recover. I also set up my training plan for the back half of 2014. I also received a very good bit of news that really helped inspire my training for the next 6 months……I have been accepted into the 2015 HURT 100 mile race in January. Last year, I put up a DNF at my first HURT 100 and I am determined to run well and finish this time around.

After taking some time to look at my training logs for the first half of the year and I noticed that my hip only really hurts after I try to run a fast workout. With that information in mind, I decided to lay off the workouts and just simply put in a healthy chunk of miles as preparation my upcoming races. I am spending as much time as I can in the hills/mountains of Oahu, using the hill training as a substitute for speedwork.

I have set up 3 week cycles with mileages ranging from 70-100 miles a week. I am also trying to take 1 day off a week when possible. Massages with Barbara @ Massage Specialists are also now scheduled every 3 weeks. Mileage of the week 1 of the cycle is 70-75 miles. Week 2 is 80-85 miles while week 3 is 90+ miles for the week. So far, I have been able to stick to the plan and I feel great. I am dropping weight and feeling much stronger. Most importantly, I am running very, very happy!

Here are the totals for the last 4 weeks..
August 11-17 70 miles with 6390 feet climbing and 1 day off
August 18-24 80.2 miles with 7663 feet of climbing and 1 day off
August 25-31 93.2 miles with 13,076 feet of climbing and 1 day off. I also ran the Tantalus Triple trek at the end of this week…more on that in a minute.
September 1-7 71.7 miles with 11,436 feet of climbing and 1 day off

I will keep up this cycle thru the Javelina Jundred on November 1. My goal for that race is to break 20 hours for 100 miles. Quite a lofty goal, but I am going to work my tail off to get there! Along the way, I will run the Noble Canyon 50k in San Diego on September 20 and the Peacock 50k here on Oahu October 11 as tune-up races. My expectation for those races will be to run hard and solidify my eating and hydration plan for both the Jundred and the HURT 100. Of course, I am drinking Skratch Labs juice on my runs and it works perfectly for me. I have also been eating real food on my long runs. We are cooking up all sorts of fun and tasty recipes from The Feed Zone Portables cookbook. Please visit and check these out!

Now a few quick words about the Tantalus Triple Trek….
I went into the race a bit tired but very excited. My plan was to try to run as even as possible and maintain a happy outlook the entire way. On race morning, I warmed up for the race by running 3.5 miles to the start from home. I was feeling good and I knew a fun day was on the horizon. I met up with one of my training buddies, Joe, at the start area and he was clearly jazzed and ready to run fast. He set a goal of breaking 5 hours and it was a very realistic goal–also one that would eventually lead him to victory!
I ran 6:38 last year off of a month of running and with my hip still not feeling great. I had no specific time in mind, but I thought sub 5:45 would be a solid effort for me. We all strapped on our headlamps, gathered at the start line, and hit the trails at 0530. Joe immediately took off and amazingly I found myself in second place for the first lap. I also spent most of the first of 3 laps showing out-of-town beast Lauren the way around the tantalus trails. At the completion of the first lap, I filled bottles and we headed out on the 2nd lap where Lauren dropped me immediately on the first climb up center trail. This was no big surprise since I felt that she was just chilling behind me. She is a very good runner and I spent zero time thinking about chasing her down. I remained totally focused on running a happy and solid effort. Up the trails, Joe was pounding out an amazing run!
I rolled into the main aid station after lap 2, filled the bottles with Skratch, ate a french toast cake, and headed out for my final lap. I left Lauren in the aid station. She arrived before me and I think she took a little extra time to fill up a camelback bladder. I figured that she would easily catch me along the 5 miles of climbing to start the lap. I set up small mental checkpoints to keep myself focused and tough and the goals worked. I achieved all my goals.. I finished 2nd overall to Joe with a time of 5:33. Although I did not see/hear Lauren behind me most of the 3rd lap, she seriously closed the gap and finished less than a minute behind me. I am very happy with my effort and I ran HAPPY the entire way.

I am truly looking forward to the next few months and I will keep you all updated along the way.

Much Aloha,



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