Posted by: runwithgarrison | January 31, 2013

Training Summary January 21-27

Aloha Everyone,

Last week was a nice recovery week with a few fun runs thrown into the mix. I picked up an awesome day on Tantalus on Wednesday. I ran from home and up Round Top road putting in a very solid effort. Once I crested the top, I jumped on the kalawahine trail and made my way down and around to Paradise Park and then home thru Manoa. I need to make this 17 miler a regular staple of my training program. That evening, I was able to run a little bit with Pauline as she is steadily increasing her mileage in preparation for her marathon debut. I will write more about her quest as we get closer to her race day. I also put in a relaxing 9 with Shelby on Friday.

Saturday, Jeff and I put in our first long run together. We ran from Kapiolani Park all the way out to Hawaii Kai to the neighborhood near Hanauma Bay and back. I normally run my long runs in the 8:15 pace range and we cranked this one out in 7:44 pace for just under 21 miles. We were chatting the whole time so it went by super fast. I have to say that the effort I was able to put in on that run has put me into a different mindset with my training. I have decided to run almost all of my daily runs at a much faster pace. I think that deep down, I knew that I needed to train faster, but I could always find an excuse to not run fast enough. Those days are gone. I am now shooting for 7:30 pace on all of my daily training runs and I will update you on my progress with the next weekly recap (and Faerber 10k race report).

Weekly Mileage–76.12

Stat Update–I need to update my overall standings on the Hilo to Volcano 50k race course. I thought that the all-time list posted on ultrasignup was accurate and it turns out that I was wrong. After a little more research, I found an amazing site,, and they have put together results dating back to 1990. It turns out that my time of 4:02:04 is ranked around 12th all time on the course. Looks like I might have to go back next year to attempt a climb up that list.

I think that is about it for now. I will post in a few days a monthly summary and a race report from the Faerber 10k.

Happy Running!




  1. Hey Michael!
    It’s Dianne – Martina and Kris’s friend. Love getting your updates. Keeping me inspired and motivated! I just HAVE to tell you that I ran my first post-baby race yesterday. It was the Try Fitness 5k at Kakaako and I placed second in my division! Woohoo!!!! It was a very small crowd, so my odds were good šŸ˜‰

    • Aloha Dianne!
      Fantastic job @ the 5k this past weekend! I am so proud of you and stoked for you! I am glad you like the site and I look forward to seeing you guys soon. What’s your next race on island?

  2. Thanks! Great Aloha Run, Warrior Dash, and The Hapalua. Still thinking about the Hibiscus Half.

    • Dianne, I will see you at all of those excet the Warrior Dash. Let me know how fast you plan to run at Great Aloha so Pauline and I can make sure to see you at the finish line. Good Luck with your training!

      • My plan was a 9 min avg, but my training derailed these last two weeks. I’ve been studying my my personal trainer certification class (which I completed this past weekend!) so my running took a back seat. So, I expect to be somewhere in the 9:30-10:00 range. See you there!

      • Aloha Dianne, nice job at Great Aloha!! See you in a few weeks! Keep up the great work!

  3. I ended up with an 8:39 avg for the GAR. That was my fourth time running that race and my best time yet!

    • Dianne,

      Congratulations on the PR!!!
      See you soon.


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