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Exciting News!!

Aloha everyone,

it has been quite an eventful first half of 2015!

On the running side of life, I just missed the time cut at 92.5 miles into the HURT 100 despite the amazing efforts of my first-class crew. It was a long/hard 33:31:41 but I know I am a better runner and person having gone thru that experience. I have bounced back and hit a 2016 Western States 100 lottery qualifier with my finish at the Quicksilver 100k in May. Friends Jeff Snyder and Joe Pope made the trip out to Quicksilver as well and also picked up lottery qualifying times for WS100 2016. Big thanks to Blaine Sullivan and Zeke Neeley for crewing and pacing!

As far as future races coming up, I am planing on staying on island for most of the rest of 2015 by racing the local HURT Tantalus Triple Trek 30 miler in August and the Peacock 100k in October. Of course, I am dreaming and hoping for a chance at redemption at the 2016 HURT 100. The lottery is next month–fingers crossed.

But onto the big news……

As few months ago, I quit my job with the dream of starting my own coaching and running tour company here on Oahu….

That dream has come true. My lovely wife and I have started the Hawaii Running Lab and our website launched yesterday. We are specializing in personalized and customized coaching for runners of all ability levels in order to help each individual achieve their running goals. We have many amazing training groups here on Oahu but not a lot of high-level personal coaches. With my background, I think I am the right individual to fill that void and help runners on our island. We will also offer coaching services to clients at all locations around this wonderful globe of ours. Please check us out. If you are looking for a coach to help get you to the next level or just want to add some structure and guidance to your training, I would love to be your coach! Also, feel free to pass our information along to any friends that may need some help with their running. We have a facebook page as well as an instagram account @hawaiirunninglab and twitter @hawaiirunlab. Please give us a like/follow.

Our logo and artwork were designed by Jeff Harter and his team. We have ordered our first round of HRL shirts and singlets and they should be available on the site by July 13. Photo credit for the shot of me running above Kahana Bay goes to the amazing Ryan Moss!

HRL mens blue shirtHRL_Badge_Colors _DSC6674HRL mens white shirtHRL mens-womens black singletHRL mens-womens white singlet

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Pre-HURT 100 Notes

Aloha Everyone,

This weekend we will be running the HURT 100 trail race here on Oahu. The race consists of 5 20 mile loops with a total elevation gain of 24,500 feet. Last year I made it thru 2 laps before dropping out. This year, I am much better prepared (mentally and physically) and we are ready to go. Training has been going well with the exception of the last few weeks. I picked up up some random illness and have been sick for 5 days. However, I am viewing this as a positive thing that should keep me sticking to the race plan.

Speaking of the race plan….The entire goal is to finish under the cut time of 36 hours. That means I will try to set a nice easy tempo and stick to it all day/night/day. I am racing against nothing but the course and nobody but myself. Pauline has already told me that I have to walk home if I drop out because she is planning on staying at the course for 36 hours to crew and help runners. Finishing is clearly the only option!

We have assembled an amazing crew for Team Run With Garrison this year with Pauline, Sister Katherine, Joe Pope, Jeff Snyder, and Shelby Thirkill handling the crewing and pacing duties. I am tremendously blessed to have this amazing bunch with me this year and we are going to have a great time out there. We may also have some local rock-star friends coming out to spread the Aloha at the various aid stations. I am pretty sure I will get fired up to see everyone–especially during the back half of the race!

That being said….I have to say that one of the brightest parts of my 2014 running has to be the amazing welcome that Pauline and I have received into the trail and ultra community here on Oahu. The HURT bunch has been amazing this year and we are quite grateful for them accepting us into their Ohana. Please check them out at

Speaking of Ohana, I am super stoked to announce that I will be a Taste Agent for the best sports drink out there…Skratch Labs again for 2015. Please check them out at Pauline will also be cooking up 6-7 recipes from The Feed Zone Portables book by Biju Thomas & Allen Lim for the Team to eat during the race. Yep, you guessed it, this book is filled with tasty & healthy snacks to eat on the run. Mahalos to Allen, Aaron and the entire team at Skratch Labs.

Onto the race info..I am bib number 43 and you can follow along in a variety of ways. Here is the link to live results on ultrasignup

Pauline will also be posting photos and updates to our Instagram and Twitter accounts. Please follow along @runwithgarrison on both IG and Twitter. She will likely not be typing too much on the blog, so these will be the best ways to follow along. I am also guessing that she will relay any of your messages along to me during the race.

Here is a brief list of the gear that I will be using during the race:
Shoes: Primary–Nike Zoom Elite 6, backups—Salomon Speedcross, Adidas Adizero XT
Hydration Vests: Ultimate Direction AK and SJ 2.0 packs
Shorts and tops: Nike
Socks: Injinji
GPS: Garmin Forerunner 920XT and 910XT
Hydration by Skratch Labs
Food by Pauline via Feed Zone Portables and Allen Lim Potatoes
Likely first post race beer: Rogue Dead Guy Ale

See you on the other side,


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Javelina 100k Finsih


Just a quick update….I dropped out of the Javelina 100 miler at the 100k mark at 13:32:04. Starting around 40 miles I started experiencing some dry heaving that progressively got worse and reduced me to a walk starting around 43 miles. This was a similar situation that I experienced at the HURT earlier in the year, however this was the worst it has ever been. I think these issues primarily revolve around my inability to burp (i know it sounds silly, but it is not very fun and quite uncomfortable at times). I had put off seeing a gastroenterologist in hopes that I could manage it on my own. Clearly, I cannot and I will get in to see a Doc asap in order to figure out the best way to deal with this situation. The pressure build-up in my abdomen seems to get progressively worse after around 7-8 hours of running–not a fun thing to manage on a 100 mile run.

Lap splits in case you are interested–each lap 15.3 miles

15.3 miles: 2:37:38

30.6 miles: 5:13:54

45.9 miles: 8:42:31

61.2 miles: 13:32:04

Anyway, thanks for all your support and well wishes! It looks like there will be no 2015 Western States 100 in my future since I did not finish the 100 miler this weekend and I am ok with that. I feel confident that I put my best foot forward today and that I need to heed this wake-up call to get this condition dealt with properly. As of right now, I am still planning on running the 2015 HURT and I will train the best I can once I have recovered and seen the Doc. Every problem has a solution, we just need the patience, guidance, and insight to find it.

Happy Trails,


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Jappy Jalloween


Less than10 hours from now I will be starting my second Javelina Jundred 100 mile race in Fountain Hills, Arizona. A few quick notes for everyone heading into the weekend about the race…

I am bib number 227

Here is how you follow along:

Live Results:

Web cams on course:

Twitter: @aravaiparunning and @UltrasportsLive

Hashtag #JJ100

I will try to post some progress reports on our twitter and instagram accounts both are @runwithgarrison  please follow along  and feel free to send messages or texts if you like.

These updates will be as frequent as I can based on phone signal and battery life. Pauline could not make the trip so I am solo out here this year. Here is a quick layout for my goals:

Dream Goal: sub 20 hours. This would be 6×3 hour 15.3 mile laps and hunkering down for the final 9.1 mile lap.

New 100 mile PR: faster than 21:18:42

Sub 24 hours: self explanatory

Sub 30 hours: qualification for the 2015 Western States 100 lottery (this is the final qualifying opportunity for the year)

I’m healthy, fit, and happy. Looking forward to a fun day/night in the desert.

Have a great weekend. Time for me to get some sleep.



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Tantalus Triple Trek, HURT 100, & the last 4 weeks of training

Aloha everyone!
Wow, it has been quite a while since I posted anything on the blog. My apologies. After a tough run at the Tahoe Rim Trail 33M in July, I took a little bit of time to regroup and recover. I also set up my training plan for the back half of 2014. I also received a very good bit of news that really helped inspire my training for the next 6 months……I have been accepted into the 2015 HURT 100 mile race in January. Last year, I put up a DNF at my first HURT 100 and I am determined to run well and finish this time around.

After taking some time to look at my training logs for the first half of the year and I noticed that my hip only really hurts after I try to run a fast workout. With that information in mind, I decided to lay off the workouts and just simply put in a healthy chunk of miles as preparation my upcoming races. I am spending as much time as I can in the hills/mountains of Oahu, using the hill training as a substitute for speedwork.

I have set up 3 week cycles with mileages ranging from 70-100 miles a week. I am also trying to take 1 day off a week when possible. Massages with Barbara @ Massage Specialists are also now scheduled every 3 weeks. Mileage of the week 1 of the cycle is 70-75 miles. Week 2 is 80-85 miles while week 3 is 90+ miles for the week. So far, I have been able to stick to the plan and I feel great. I am dropping weight and feeling much stronger. Most importantly, I am running very, very happy!

Here are the totals for the last 4 weeks..
August 11-17 70 miles with 6390 feet climbing and 1 day off
August 18-24 80.2 miles with 7663 feet of climbing and 1 day off
August 25-31 93.2 miles with 13,076 feet of climbing and 1 day off. I also ran the Tantalus Triple trek at the end of this week…more on that in a minute.
September 1-7 71.7 miles with 11,436 feet of climbing and 1 day off

I will keep up this cycle thru the Javelina Jundred on November 1. My goal for that race is to break 20 hours for 100 miles. Quite a lofty goal, but I am going to work my tail off to get there! Along the way, I will run the Noble Canyon 50k in San Diego on September 20 and the Peacock 50k here on Oahu October 11 as tune-up races. My expectation for those races will be to run hard and solidify my eating and hydration plan for both the Jundred and the HURT 100. Of course, I am drinking Skratch Labs juice on my runs and it works perfectly for me. I have also been eating real food on my long runs. We are cooking up all sorts of fun and tasty recipes from The Feed Zone Portables cookbook. Please visit and check these out!

Now a few quick words about the Tantalus Triple Trek….
I went into the race a bit tired but very excited. My plan was to try to run as even as possible and maintain a happy outlook the entire way. On race morning, I warmed up for the race by running 3.5 miles to the start from home. I was feeling good and I knew a fun day was on the horizon. I met up with one of my training buddies, Joe, at the start area and he was clearly jazzed and ready to run fast. He set a goal of breaking 5 hours and it was a very realistic goal–also one that would eventually lead him to victory!
I ran 6:38 last year off of a month of running and with my hip still not feeling great. I had no specific time in mind, but I thought sub 5:45 would be a solid effort for me. We all strapped on our headlamps, gathered at the start line, and hit the trails at 0530. Joe immediately took off and amazingly I found myself in second place for the first lap. I also spent most of the first of 3 laps showing out-of-town beast Lauren the way around the tantalus trails. At the completion of the first lap, I filled bottles and we headed out on the 2nd lap where Lauren dropped me immediately on the first climb up center trail. This was no big surprise since I felt that she was just chilling behind me. She is a very good runner and I spent zero time thinking about chasing her down. I remained totally focused on running a happy and solid effort. Up the trails, Joe was pounding out an amazing run!
I rolled into the main aid station after lap 2, filled the bottles with Skratch, ate a french toast cake, and headed out for my final lap. I left Lauren in the aid station. She arrived before me and I think she took a little extra time to fill up a camelback bladder. I figured that she would easily catch me along the 5 miles of climbing to start the lap. I set up small mental checkpoints to keep myself focused and tough and the goals worked. I achieved all my goals.. I finished 2nd overall to Joe with a time of 5:33. Although I did not see/hear Lauren behind me most of the 3rd lap, she seriously closed the gap and finished less than a minute behind me. I am very happy with my effort and I ran HAPPY the entire way.

I am truly looking forward to the next few months and I will keep you all updated along the way.

Much Aloha,


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Race report- MY FIRST ULTRA!- P version

Aloha poor neglected running blog. I return to you with several more miles on these ol’ gams and a medal around my neck after completing my first ultramarathon!

I think a good place to start this post race write up is explaining how I even got the idea to tackle  running an ultra. Well, as with all things running in my life, enter Mr. Runwithgarrison. Michael has always believed I had the ability to run even though I wasn’t necessarily “an athlete” or “a runner” and has always encouraged me to sign up for races. The road to my first and only marathon, in April 2013, was brutal but also deeply gratifying (you can read about it here). I won’t go into specifics, suffice to say running and anemia do not go together well.

After the marathon, I didn’t have any big goals in terms of running. I was looking forward to having some healthy runs without the pressure of anything big looming on the horizon. Running was starting to look different-happy even- in my post anemic world. Unfortunately, I got into a bike accident, hurling myself into a ditch (operator error) which, combined with being sidelined for a while after the marathon lead to some awful knee issues. It took some rehab and becoming friendly with the foam roller to get back to running anything over 3 mi. It wasn’t until the late fall/early winter that I began running truly healthy.

In January, Michael was gearing up for the HURT 100 (one of the hardest ultras) and I was feeling better about my ability to complete longer runs. I started tagging along on his training runs and was slowly building confidence with the runs. Around this time Michael and I started to plan a trip to the east coast in June to see folks post wedding and we thought it would be a good time for me to do a 50k. When I spoke to my brother about it, he too drank the ultra Kool-Aid and began training. Thus, the ultra plan was solidified, brother and I running our first ultra (50k) and Michael running a 50 miler (overachiever) in June 2014!

January to May was a blur of wedding, running and working. Unlike my marathon training plan which I stuck to religiously, I followed my 50k plan loosely. I got into a good rhythm of running home a few days a week and got in some nice long runs on the weekends. I had a few shaky long runs in the beginning but got that under control rather quickly by fueling up better and going back on the iron supplements.  I felt better going into the 50k than the marathon even though I’d put in less miles during this training.

Onto the race report!

So, I don’t travel well. Ever. I don’t sleep in moving things (planes, cars, trains, etc). And apparently I don’t sleep in non-moving things that aren’t on Hawaii time. I’m not sure how I overlooked all of these facts in planning my first ultramarathon, but indeed I did. As Michael and I trekked from Hawaii to the east coast, I somehow thought 4 days would be sufficient to acclimate to the time. My body however, thought that sleeping every other night was a better idea. I was pretty exhausted by the time we made it to DC (we had a stopover for a few days in NY). The running trio (Michael, brother and I) got in two short runs before the race day (June 7th), one of them being on the trails we’d be running on for the race. I felt tired but confident I could finish the race given the 9 hour cutoff time.

We had a great plan on race day. Michael’s 50 miler started at 5 am and our 50k started 2 hours later. The plan was to get a good night’s sleep, load up brother’s Westfalia with race essentials, head out to the start/finish about 3:30 am, send Michael off on his run and nap before our 7 am start time. What actually happened was quite different. I got no sleep the night before the race. I Googled running a 50k on no sleep. I contributed to the minimal sleep Michael got the night before the race. I left my iPod behind making us turn back en route to race start to get it. This delay made my brother floor it in the Westfalia which may or may not have caused a belt to snap rendering Westy useless and smoking on the side of the road at 4:15 am.

If I had my way that’s probably how the race would have ended.  I was so sleep deprived and my spirit had waned so much that I felt defeated before the run even started. When Westy decided she’d had enough and we got everyone out of the van safely, our next priority was to get Michael to the start line about 5 miles away. We finally flagged down a cab to do the job and brother and I stayed behind with the van and gear. We started pushing and rolling her out of the way of the highway on ramp and were thrilled when a nice man pulled over and offered to tow us to a parking lot he knew was safe. He also gave us a ride, gear boxes and all to the race start so that we could see Michael start his 50 miler. As great as that moment was, knowing we had made it despite the obstacles, I was in my head too much about the race. Brother and I still had 2 hours to sit around and, with Westy gone, it was colder and less comfy than I’d like. Another nice gentlemen at the race gave us plywood so we could set up our gear boxes and sit on top of them drinking hot water with Sktrach labs drink mix (I highly recommend this on cold race mornings). Brother did a great job being an optimist and keeping me motivated when I was such a Debbie Downer I could hardly stand being around myself. As we lined up behind the start line I knew I had to try, it was okay not to make it, but I couldn’t just walk off to be a spectator especially since I’d told Michael I’d see him on the trails. After some last motivational words from brother we were off to run our first 50k!

The run started off well, I was distracted watching where I was going and passing some runners. Brother and I didn’t have any plans to stay together and said we’d run our own races, however we were running a pace that was comfortable to both of us so we just cruised along. Things were going so well, I’d even forgotten that I’d pulled an all-nighter. A few miles into the race there was a river to cross which I did an excellent job falling right into. Nothing was broken so we pushed on, although I knew the silt settling in my socks was going to catch up with me at some point. Just a few miles after that, a runner in front of brother pushed a dead tree over which, as it started falling, broke in half and landed on brother. He crumpled to the ground. We got the tree off of him, found his glasses and really just kept on going. I was worried he’d been injured, especially once he started bleeding from the back of his head. At that point there wasn’t much we could do but press on to the next aid station where we could get to a medical tent. When we got to that aid station, brother stayed behind and I kept going hoping he’d be okay and would catch up with me along the course. The aid station at mile 13.1/19 (the race was mostly an out and back) was the only one with crewing allowed and we had family & friends supporting us there. I figured if brother couldn’t continue anymore he’d probably be taken there, so if I didn’t see him there it was a good sign that he was okay and still on the course. As I came into the aid station, I didn’t see brother and figured he’d be okay. I waved to family/friends but didn’t want to stop and make anyone worry about brother. Instead of leaving them with the uncertainty of his status, I just told them he was behind me and that I’d see them at mile 19.  About mile 15-16 brother chased me down and we trucked along through the turnaround which is where we caught our first glimpse of Michael, already 30+ miles into his run. Just the jolt of motivation I needed.

We kept trucking along, riding the high of seeing friends/family at mile 19 as long as we could, our run slowly turning into a shuffle and our uphills morphing into a hike. My Garmin died around mile 24 and it was difficult not knowing how much farther there was to go. Miles 25 to 28 or so were pretty rough with more walking than running, the blisters on the feet were getting hard to ignore, although I was happy not to have any deep muscle pains or cramps. I tried to keep my head from paying attention to every step and looked for other things to think about. We celebrated mini victories on the trails including brother surpassing his longest distance ever run (18 mi) as well as the completion of his first marathon on course. Around mile 28 we found Michael again and I caught a fourth or fifth wind and paced us (shuffled us) along another 2 miles or so without a walk break. It was incredible being out there on those trails with two men I admire so much. We thought at that point, so close to the finish line that we’d be lucky enough to finish together, but 1.6 miles from the 50k finish Michael was sent for another 3 mile loop. It was hard on me and I know it crushed Michael… even an ultramarathoner is upset at running another 3 miles when he has his mind set on 1.6 miles to finish. We did our best to keep our spirits up and brother and I agreed to walk for one mile as long as we ran the last .6 miles into the finish. The last .6 miles was the best part of the race, knowing that the end is near, that the road to get here, as hard, uncomfortable and anxiety ridden as it had been, was worth it.  We crossed the finish line in over 6 hours and hung out at the finish to watch Michael finish in under 9 hours.

We celebrated with some friends and family at the finish, got some much needed beer and food, and made our way back home to get cleaned up. Michael and I were stoked about completing the race and were looking forward to a couple of beers at a local bar to wind down the day and celebrate our finishes. Instead, we  walked into the local bar to find a bunch of our family and friends from all over who’d gathered to throw us a surprise wedding/ultra finish party. After the initial shock, we did our best to take everything in, still trying to figure out how my incredibly resourceful family located our friends- a true feat considering neither one of us is on Facebook. We had an amazing time catching up with everyone, it’s a night we won’t ever forget. I’m not eloquent enough to accurately write how I felt that night but Michael hit the nail on the head when he said the following day that if I ever felt unloved I should think about that night. He’s right, we felt absolutely loved. We spent the Sunday catching up with some more friends and family with a relaxing bar-b-que and took the time to revel in the completion of the run and reflect on how amazing this trip had been.

I want to thank everyone for everything they did for us to make our trip so special-from supporting us at the race to celebrating with us over the entire weekend; My wonderful family (including our extended Long Island family that made the trip down!), my mom who’s my hero and for whom I was running for in my heart, my siblings (including my sibling-in-law) who’ve always made my life more interesting in the best way and apparently now more paranoid, our freaking amazing friends who traveled from afar, ditched their kids/pets, lied to us, and even showed up to rally two days before a due date (yes-as in pregnancy) all just for us. For everyone that was contacted, sometimes incessantly, by my family about this gathering we apologize and want to say we don’t plan on remarrying anytime soon so this should cover it for eternity.

Thanks all for tuning in!

❤ Mrs. Runwithgarrison

peter pauline runningafter race

50 hands


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March Wrap-up

Aloha Everyone,

I realized that it has been a while since I updated the blog…As a matter of fact, this is the first time to sit down and write an update on the blog as a married man! (Other than the quick photo from our amazing week on Big Island where we got married and enjoyed some time together post-wedding.) The month of March has flown by! Away from running, life is amazing. On the running side, I struggled a bit in March to find a rhythm and feel healthy along the way. My right hip issues that sidelined me last summer started to flare up a little bit and I also struggled to settle into a rhythm where I was getting the proper amount of sleep. I needed to take some time to rest. I am starting to feel a bit better and I am going to alter my training plans heading into my two different 50 mile events this summer. Before we talk about that, here is a snapshot of March…

During March, I ran 22 times with 7 of those runs taking place on the trails. This is a ratio that I can really get used to! My months mileage was 206 miles (the lowest monthly total so far this year). I entered and ran in 1 race and that was the HURT Aiea Loop Express 5.2 miler. This was a fun, first-time event with a fantastic group of runners. This was Pauline’s first trail race and she was 8th woman in the race. I placed 7th in the men’s race. The loop was fast, rocky, muddy, and slick…Lots of fun! 

Now onto the plan for April—-the mileage goal will be back into the 250-300 mile range for the month with at least 30% of those runs taking place on the trails. I am going to eliminate the fartlek and speed work for the month and run a month of strictly base work. I think some of the up-tempo work irritated my hip. I think a month of mileage and time-on-my-feet runs will do me some good and be a move in the right direction toward improving my health and fitness. Specific training for the 50 milers will come on the weekends where I want to run back to back long runs at ultra pace. The goal of the weekends will be 35-40 miles of fun time on my feet and to make sure I get enough sleep and recovery during the weekdays. The only races I have entered in April are Saturday & Sunday April 12-13. They are the HURT Top of Tantalus 7 miler and the Hapalua 13.1. I am planning on just running for some fun and training. No big expectations except to put in fun miles with some cool people.

Big Congrats to Jeff for racing his first Ultra! He was 6th at the Old West Trails 50k a few weeks ago–Great job Jeff!

No other big running news to report at this time. Here’s to a Happy and Healthy April!

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Fun from the Big Island

Here is a quick photo of Mrs. Garrison and I halfway thru our run/hike in Waipio Valley.


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2 Fun Weeks of Running–Week Ending February 23, 2014

Hi everyone,

I have completed my first 4 week training cycle of 2014 and I am feeling pretty good. I hit my mileage goals for the past 2 weeks and wound up hitting 300 miles for this 4 week cycle–right on my goal.

However, my best run over the last 2 weeks was also my shortest…Earlier this week, I spent a few hours up on Tantalus (both the trails and roads) and then I took Pauline up to the Tantalus trails for our first actual trail run together. It had been raining quite a bit and Pauline was excited to break in her new trail running shoes. The plan was to run the inner loop–Up Hogsback, across Makiki Valley and Down Center trail–and have a nice, easy run together. I had been bragging a bit about how tough the climb up Hogsback was and how nasty the overall footing was on these trails and Pauline pretended to listen as we started up Hogsback. As usual, it was tough and I was sweating like a beast (I was also feeling my prior 2 ascents up Round Top Road). About halfway up the climb, Pauline just came around me and then took off. I could not keep up. As we reached the sandbags, I let her know that we were close to the top and then she seriously took off. She waited for me at the top and asked for directions. I pointed her down the Makiki Valley trail and away she went. She seemed impervious to all the mud/roots/rocks that I was clearly struggling with on this day. As we were heading down, one of the bridges had been downed by a fallen tree, I knew this because Pauline had yelled back to give me a heads up. It took me about 30 seconds to navigate the obstruction and by this time I had assumed that Pauline just levitated over the entire obstacle. Pauline made it to center trail and just knew to go left. She was just gone….

When I arrived at the trail junction near the Nature Center, I was greeted by my soon-to-be-wife sitting on a bench…Asking me what took me so long. Yep, I am super proud and super lucky!

Here is the recap for the past 2 weeks

Week 3

**5 mileage days with 2 shorter runs on Friday

**2 Tantalus Counter Clockwise loops–Negative Split lap 1 86:29 lap 2 79:49

**16×400 on the track with 100m jog recovery average 92 seconds

Weekly mileage 78

Climbing 5241 feet


Week 4

**4 mileage runs

**1 long run–20 miles out to Dog’s House and back

**Great Aloha Run. I was hoping to be able to put in a solid effort but I think the increase in mileage had left my legs a bit flat. No worries because Jeff and I had a long warmup and it was a nice day to run in the rain

**Tantalus day–1 lap counter clockwise, followed by ascent up Round Top Road and descent down the trails. this was the preamble to my fun run with Pauline

Weekly mileage 90 miles

Climbing 5519 feet


That is about it for now. The next run with posted results will be the Aiea Loop Trail race on March 15. After a little rest and some Big Island time, we might be ready to run our first race as Dr. and Mrs. Garrison.


Much Aloha,

M & P

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Weekly Training–Week Ending February 9, 2014

Just a quick update on last weeks training….
Things are still going relatively according to plan. I am hitting my mileage goals and runs but I am still slacking a bit on the little things that are necessary to get me where I really want to go. Yoga, Planks, and Foam Roller time has been scarce but the mileage and workouts are solid so far.
Here is the quick recap:
**4 recovery days—The best one was a fun 5 miler with Pauline on Sunday
**1 Long run of 15.3 miles. This was my longest effort since the HURT drop so I decided to run Leg 1 of the HURT course with a nice run on the roads before and after the trails. I am going to start incorporating more runs like this where I see a mixture of trail & road
**1 lap around tantalus road clockwise with a time of 79:55. This is a fun little lap with about 1500-1600 feet of climbing followed by the same amount of descending. Great way to mix strength and stride rate work
**1 day at the track. It felt great to get back on the track at UH Manoa. I ran 8×800 with an average of 3:08. My recovery time was a 1 lap jog in between. In my current plan, I am on the track 2 times a month and I know I will be looking forward to some fun every time I hit the track to feel fast.

Total miles for the week: 70.1
Total feet of climbing: 5,361 feet

The goal for this week is to run around 80 miles and to improve my yoga/planks/foam roller participation

Next race on the calendar: Great Aloha Run 8.15 miles February 17

I hope everybody has a great week!

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