Posted by: runwithgarrison | January 20, 2013

Chapson Race Recap


I finished up the weekend of racing with a nice little effort at the Chapson 8k here on Oahu. After such a big effort yesterday, I really had little idea as to exactly how I was going to recover and compete today. Last year at this race, I was 3rd overall with a time of 29:26 and I was fresh, fit and ready to head off to race the Rocky Raccoon 100. So I figured that if I could run in the top 10 and run sub 31, I would be very happy.

When I woke up this morning…Oh Boy Was I Sore. I headed out the door and started my warmup. It felt more like a shuffle than a run. I slowly warmed up and headed out to the race course for a little warmup over Diamond Head. As I was cresting the top, I saw a familiar figure running quite fast in the early morning darkness. It was Jeff and he was jamming a quick 13 miler as a warmup for today’s race. He turned around and ran down to triangle park with me and we maintained his quick pace. Running with Jeff pulled me out of my tired/sore funk and I started feeling like I could maybe run fast today. I also started thinking about the runners 5 miles away on the tantalus trails. They were all trying to finish one of the most brutal races on the planet–the HURT 100. In my mind, I decided that if things got tough during the race, I would think about how tough those runners are trying to finish the HURT. I certainly could gut out 5 miles under 6-6:10 minute pace.

As P and I arrived at the start line, I immediately noticed that the field was much tougher than the one that I raced against last year. A few of the top runners on the island were at this early season race. It was going to be fast and I was going to have to really get after it in order to get in the top 10. I found Jeff at the starting line, after his fast 15 mile warmup, and we just chilled and waited for the race to start. As soon as the starting horn sounded, a fairly large group of maybe 9 guys took off with myself, Jeff, and Will (the 3 of us usually race for the 40-44 honors) all running side by side about 20-40 meters behind the leaders in the first 400 meters. I made a comment about the 3 of us racing the “mature mens race” and then Jeff and I had a laugh about the “maturity” part of my comment. I think we are both just 2 big kids out for a run. Anyway, I settled into a rhythm and started to slowly chase down members of the field that started out fast.

I ran a very consistent race with excellent focus. I did not need to look at my watch, I was running hard and just trying to catch as many people as I could. I passed last year’s race winner as we started climbing Diamond Head, then I passed another guy as we made our way around the turn around at triangle park and I set my sights on Andrew, the winner of 2 races already on Oahu this year. I slowly closed on him and finally got within about 10 meters away from him as we hit the 4 mile mark. Then he started to pull away and it took everything I had to just maintain my effort. During the last half of the race, I thought a few times about the suffering HURT 100 runners and it helped me stay in my zone of focus. I came across the line in 29:40. I was stoked to run under 30 minutes. The effort was good for 7th overall and 1st in my age group. Pauline’s face was priceless as I met her at the finish. I think she really likes seeing me when i have to dig down to deliver a solid effort.

Wow, what a nice weekend of racing! I am feeling pretty good and I am certain these efforts will pay some solid dividends in February. I am now very happy that I decided to cut my race short at Kualoa a few weeks ago. I only needed a couple of days off to recover and allow my hip to feel better. I am now certain that if I kept going at Kualoa, I would not have had such a great weekend of racing yesterday and today.

On the week, I ran 96.55 miles and I am actually feeling better now, 5 hours after the race, than I did before the race. Now I can get back to training for a few weeks before running the Faerber 10k on February 3.

Big Congrats to all the runners at the HURT 100 this weekend–you are all absolute Beasts!!

Happy Running,




  1. Interesting recovery technique. ๐Ÿ™‚ Well done, Cuz.

  2. I got a couple weeks of P90X in. Man, I forgot how lunge intensive those workouts are. Anyway, I’m over the initial shock of soreness now. But my wife and I both picked up a cold, so we’ve taken this week off. I’ve been out to run just twice, with mixed results. 1st run, my calf muscles weren’t happy. Second time out, I actually got the ankle brace figure 8’ed correctly and things went better. Once we’re recovered from our ills, I’m only going to try to run 3 times a week until my overall fitness and weight improve. It’s going to be slow going. But at least, heading in the right direction.

    • Aloha Cuz,

      Sorry to hear that you guys have been sick but happy to hear that you are getting back on track. Your patience and persistence are going to pay off. Just stay after it!!

      Thanks for the great post-race comments. We had a nice week of racing. I’m still recovering but trying to keep up my mileage.

      Stay Healthy and Have Fun!

  3. Hi Michael!
    good to hear you are doing so well! have to say your dedication is inspiring!
    My goals aren’t nearly as long as yours, but are enough for me, this year I’m aiming to the triathlon I’ve been thinking about for a couple of years now. Should be pretty fun. I spend more time skiing than running right now as it’s mid winter, but when it’s close to zero like today running in the snow is great, specially since my dog pulled me over c-c skiing last weekend and my shoulder is still not good.
    I see you guys have europe plans this summer,what’s the itinerary other than that marathon??
    Bye for now,

    • Hi Claire! *big hug*

      I’m sure you’ll come out of winter fit as a fiddle. c-c skiing is the best land based aerobic work one can do. Good luck shooting for that triathlon.


    • Aloha Claire,

      It is so great to hear from you! Congrats on the triathlon goal–I am certain that you are going to be able to knock that out no problem. I agree with Tracy that the xc Skiiing is probably getting you super fit! As far as our European adventures 2013 go–we will be in Naples for a few days and then heading into Poland for the rest of the trip. Maybe we can make it up your way in 2014. Please keep me updated on your training and anythig else exciting!

      Much Aloha


  4. Wow brother!! Love the insights. Run Mike Run!!!! Love and encouragement (and Nor Cal home base always!!) – Fathead.

    • Thanks Dan!

      Can’t wait to see you guys!!!

  5. *big hug* back at the pair of you!
    x-c is totally the way to go here – I spent last winter dragging a sled with my youngest in it, and was in the best condition ever!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Aloha Claire,
      Please keep us posted on your Tri-training. I am looking forward to reading all about it!

  6. You are insane. If any of your runners told you that they were going to race a 50K on a Saturday and an 8K on Sunday you would tell them “over my dead body!” Stubborn bastard. Awesome results but tell me you took a couple days off.

    • I totally understand your sentiments, and I do have a screw loose–but there is a method to my madness. I am putting in more back to back hard and/or long efforts this year in order to prepare for the San Diego 100 (I find out Feb 6 if I get in via lottery). Believe it or not, the 8k right after the 50k went much better than the 10k this past weekend. How is your training? Have you set a time goal for Napa? Hopefully we can hang out when I am out for the weekend of the 23-24th for back to back 50k races.

      see you soon

      • Gman – ” back to back 50k races”

        OK, that is nucking futs! ;P

      • Hey Cuz,

        I think the Chabot race will be a little faster with better footing and the Montara race will be a nice long run on some technical trails. A nice high-quality week and then only 1 13.1 mile race in March. Glad to hear that the ankle is getting better and I hope this week you can get back on the training plan again.

      • My training is going well. Goal is sub-3:10. My only issues are that my hip is giving me a hard time and the kids keep bringing home colds/flus.

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