Posted by: runwithgarrison | January 19, 2013

Hilo to Volcano—-PODIUM

Aloha everyone,

Before writing a quick race recap, I need to apologize. In my haste yesterday to post before my flight, I left the most important member of my crew of my list of thanks. I stupidly left Pauline off that list. Her support is vital to everything I do in running and in life. Pauline delivers for me 100 times out of 100 and my carelessness let her down. I sincerely apologize for this. She is truly my inspiration and I am the luckiest man alive to have her in my life.

Time for a little recap…

Today I ran the Hilo to Volcano 50k and it went really, really well. This was my first ultra on the roads and it also turned out to be my first overall podium(top 3 overall) finish. I ran very patient and consistently throughout the race and was never in any serious trouble. The race was won by Billy of “Born To Run” fame and he broke the course record. I think I finished about 2 minutes behind him in second. I’m writing this on my flight home and official results are not online yet. I also think that I wound up running the 3rd fastest time in the history of this cool race. My time was 4:02:04 which is about a 7:52 mile pace for 30.8 miles running from sea level to about 3900′.

The race was a straight shot up the highway and the conditions were perfect. Kris did a great job crewing and hit me up with bottles at 15 and 21 miles. I am now looking forward to racing the 8k tomorrow morning

Time to land





  1. Way to go Mike! You must have felt great not slipping and sliding your way through this.

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