Posted by: runwithgarrison | December 19, 2012

2012 Recap

Aloha Everyone,

It is that time of year where I like to sit down and evaluate my past year of training and racing. 2011 was a big year for me because I seriously started training again and I started to put an effort toward ultra marathon running. 2011 was a year where just about everything workout out just right as I was able to stay healthy and injury free. However, in 2012, I had to take 5 weeks of post Rocky Raccoon 100 due to a hip injury and I had to battle a few nasty viral infections between late June and early December. I am still very happy and encouraged by my results and experiences this past year and I am sincerely looking forward to making 2013 a monster year.

Among my accomplishments for 2012, I am most proud of….

  • Completing my first 100 miler in 21:48 @ Rocky Raccoon
  • My first top 5 overall finish in an Ultra—Diablo Trails Challenge 50k
  • Completing my first 100k @ Miwok–Wow was that thing HILLY
  • Defending my Masters Division title at the Hibiscus Half Marathon and running 1:22 on the hilly course
  • 50k PR of 4:50:45 @ Skyline 50k
  • 50 Mile PR of 8:08:04 @ Dick Collins–16 minute improvement over 2011
  • 5:17 mile on the track after a 12×400 workout in June (my last actual workout of 2012)

My result summary for 2012—result in Red if I completed the race in 2011. Age group calculations based on taking top 3 overall out of results in case they were in their 40’s like me.

  • Chapson 8k Honolulu 3rd overall 29:26. 13th Overall, 4th age, 31:56
  • Rocky Raccoon 100 Miler 37th overall 21:48:42, 13th age
  • Diablo Trails Challenge 50k 5th overall, 1st age, 6:03:03
  • Miwok 100k 92nd overall, 26th age, 13:28:14
  • Hibiscus 13.1 Honolulu 4th overall, 1st Master 1:22:48. 4th overall, 1st Master, 1:24:16
  • Skyline 50k 27th overall, 11th age, 4:50:45
  • Noble Canyon 50k 17th overall, 4th age, 5:23:41. 12th overall, 4th age, 5:02:30
  • IRun 25k Honolulu 13th overall, 1st age 1:43:33. 25th overall, 5th age, 1:49:15
  • Dick Collins 50 Miler 17th overall, 5th age, 8:08:04. 27th overall, 10th age, 8:24:36
  • Val Nolasco 13.1 Honolulu 33rd overall, 7th age, 1:29:45
  • Honolulu Marathon run/walk 3:56:48. 3:23:12

Here are a few notes regarding 2012 and a few comparisons to 2011.

  • In 2012, I ran 17 times on the Tantalus 10 mile hilly loop. In 2011, I was up there 24 times.
  • In 2012, I raced 11 times and 15 times in 2011.
  • In 2012, I ran only 5 interval or fartlek workouts. In 2011, I ran 28 of these workouts.

Here are my 2012 monthly mileage totals followed by (total runs) 2011 totals in Red again

  • January  271.35 (25)  227.7 (24)
  • February 134.08 (10) 242.6 (22)
  • March 161.6 (20)  216.13 (21)
  • April  273.58 (24)  240.88 (24)
  • May 239.98 (20)  294.41  (29)
  • June 315.87  (25)  309.94  (30)
  • July 204.81 (20)  322.54  (30)
  • August 141.88 (15) 332.14 (29)
  • September 243.11 (24)  276.38 (24)
  • October 217.27 (18)  225.10 (18)
  • November  145.62 (17) 210 (19)
  • December so far–72 (7)  168.9 (19)
  • 2012–will end up around 2500 miles 2011 mileage total 3057

Over the course of 2012, I feel that I put in some very solid efforts despite running, working out, and racing less than I did in the previous year. I have spent the last week recovering from the Honolulu marathon and the illness I picked up in the weeks prior. I appreciate you joining us on this journey as Sweet P and I started this blog almost a year ago and we are approaching almost 4000 views. We are looking forward to an exciting 2013!






  1. Congratulation to you ,and to your team for all accomplishment .
    Your 2013 calendar look very impressive.
    I hope you will have time in Europe for some fun additionally to
    fun which is coming from running marathon .Watch out for delicious,
    home made food in Poland, oh well you will just run a few more miles extra
    to erase guilt.
    All the best to team Garrison.

    • Aloha Maria, I am beyond excited about our trip to Europe. I know the food is going to be amazing because I am already Powered by Paucia’s Perogie Shack here in Honolulu. Thanks for all the love and support!

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