Posted by: runwithgarrison | December 19, 2012

2013 Tentative Racing Schedule & Training Ideas


2012 is not even over yet, but as I have been evaluating the year, I have also been planning ways to make 2013 even better! I was waiting to plan my 2013 until the Dec 8 lottery for the Western States 100. If I gained entry to the WS100, my plan was to attempt the Grand Slam of Ultra Running in the summer of 2013–WS100, Vermont 100, Leadville 100, and the Wasatch 100. Unfortunately, I was not accepted to the WS100 via lottery, but I am still going to build myself a very challenging 2013.  I am planning on racing 25-30 times at distances varying from 8k to 100 miles. I am not planning on running all of these races as all out efforts. Instead, I will use some of the races as high-intensity training runs and learning experiences. I am also planning on breaking up my training into 3 week blocks that will include the 4 T’s that I referenced in a June posting before I started down my slippery slope of sickness in the back half of 2012. The 4 T’s I want to return to are Trails, Track, Tantalus, & Training partners. The plan is a bit lofty, and I am committed to flexibility but I feel it gives me a great chance to achieve some big results and gain some amazing experiences along the way.  Here is my tentative Race Plan for 2013…

  • Jan 1  Bosetti 10k Honolulu
  • Jan 5-6 New Years Resolution 12 hour ultra @ Kualoa Ranch Oahu
  • Jan 19 Hilo to Volcano Road 50k  Big Island
  • Jan 20 Chapson 8k Honolulu
  • Feb 3 Faerber 10k Honolulu
  • Feb 18 Great Aloha Run 8.15 miles Honolulu
  • Feb 23 Lake Chabot 50k  Northern California
  • Feb 24 Montara Mountain 50k Northern California—my first double ultra weekend. Using this as prep for June 100 miler.
  • March 10 Hapalua 13.1 Honolulu
  • Mid March–Hopefully the Run to the Sun on Maui 36 miles–no announcement or race details yet
  • April 6 Oriflame 50k San Diego
  • April 14 North Shore Marathon  Oahu–Nice steady long run
  • April 20 Diablo Trails Challenge 50k Northern California–from here Sweet P and I plan on leaving for a few weeks in Europe
  • April 28 Krakow Marathon
  • May 19 Ohlone 50k Northern California
  • May 26 Hibiscus 13.1 Honolulu
  • June 8 San Diego 100–hopefully there is no lottery this year
  • July 14 Golden Gate 50k–Will be nice to spend a birthday weekend in the East Bay
  • August 11 either the Skyline 50k Northern California or Honolulu Marathon readiness series 15k
  • August 31 Tantalus triple trek 50k Honolulu
  • Sept 1 marathon readiness series 20k Honolulu
  • Sept 21 Noble Canyon 50k San Diego
  • Sept 29 IRun 25k Honolulu
  • Oct 12 Dick Collins 50 Miler Northern California
  • Oct 26 Peacock 50k or 100k Oahu
  • Oct 27 Readiness Series 30k
  • Nov 17 Readiness Series 13.1
  • Dec 8 Honolulu Marathon–Will likely pace a friend

I hope to see many of you either here on island, in California or in Poland in 2013. We will continue to keep the blog updated all year and we may make a few additions as well. Sweet P is starting to run and she may post from time to time and give you a beginner’s perspective on the whole running thing.


We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season




  1. I get you twice this year! Awesome, already marked on the calendar

    • Aloha Boy Wonder

      Actually, I will be in town racing in April, June, and September. Hope all is well and I look forward to seeing you soon.

      • Sweet, I missed the April one..3 times, nice!

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