Posted by: runwithgarrison | November 28, 2012

Mizuno Val Nolasco 13.1 Recap and the last 6 weeks…

Aloha Everyone,

First off, I apologize for the long break from posting. I think I have managed to pick up every cold/sinus infection/bug possible this year and this has been especially true over the last few months. I wish I could write about all the killer runs and workouts that I have finished up in the past 6 weeks, however, that is not the case. I have only been running 3-5 days a week and I have tried my best to listen to my body and allow it to get all the rest it needs/wants. I hope to be back to the point where I can put in 11-13 a day with some hills in addition to a long day on Tantalus and a day on the track. In the midst of all this, I still decided to run the Mizuno Val Nolasco 13.1 on November 18 and I was very happy with my effort.

My plan heading into the race was to just treat it as a nice run and to try and not dig too deep. Since I have not been working out at all, I knew that I needed to rely on my huge base to get me thru the day. We also decided to host some friends for a small feast and viewing of the UFC fight on the Saturday night before the race. Let’s just say that my pre-race food and beverage choices were quite tasty, but not exactly geared toward a great performance at 5:30am the following morning.

Race morning I could definitely feel the festivities from the night before but I was very excited to get back into the swing of a nice, hard effort. There were plenty of fast guys at the starting line so I knew I would have plenty of guys to follow and to settle in behind as we headed out into the wind on the first half of the course. I saw Jeff S. at the start line but did not recognize him with his totally sweet mustache for Movember. We talked a little both before and after the race about trying to get together for some training runs. Hopefully, we can get that figured out soon. Anyway, I was thinking about running comfortable, but not too comfortable, maybe 1:30 pace (6:52), but I was open to run however I felt.

The gun went off and I settled in behind a small group of guys that were running a very solid and consistent 6:20-6:22 pace. I felt surprisingly good and decided to let it ride to see how long I could hold on. Around 3.5 miles, my shoelace came untied (rookie move on my part—I think I need to put some iRun elastic race laces on all my shoes). After stopping and losing some time on the group, I took the next mile to slowly reel the group back in. At this time we were running in around 6th-9th place. My confidence grew as I caught the group and I did not feel too gassed from the effort. I think all the Ultra Running has not only made me physically stronger but it has also increased my toughness quotient in a really big way. We ran out and back on the highway and I was still feeling like 6:22 pace was very manageable for the entire effort. Legs and lungs were feeling fine and my focus was very narrow, but relaxed. Unfortunately around 9 miles or so, I needed to pay the price for my very delicious and abundant festivities on Saturday evening. I slowed down a bit and ran off course to the local restrooms at the Waialae Beach Park. The stop cost me about 5 minutes and an extra 1/3 of a mile of running but it was a necessary stop. After the detour, I ran in at a nice clip, not really racing until I ran into the park. I still wound up running 1:29:45–Under my goal of 1:30 and I was very happy with the effort.

It is starting to seem like the only time I am able to get in fast/hard efforts lately is when I enter a race. I think I may incorporate this into my 2013 racing schedule. More racing–both locally at shorter distances and I would like to compete in at least 8-12 Ultra races in 2013. So far, I am building what looks to be a very challenging race schedule for 2013. There are still 2 more races in 2012 here on Oahu and i am looking toward running both of them as hard training runs that serve to set me up for early 2013.

First off, I plan on running the X Terra World Trail Half Marathon Championships at Kualoa Ranch. I am planning on running this as a recon run for the newest Ultra Run on Oahu—The New Year’s Resolution Ultra Run and Relay. The Ultra is a 12 hour race and it runs from 9pm to 9am—Sounds like it is going to be a totally sweet event. The other local race here on Oahu is the Honolulu Marathon. It is always a fun event and I am hoping to put in a nice hard effort—I think I could possibly run 3:05 if everything goes well but I will be really happy with something in the 3:20s. Especially if I can continue to train immediately afterwards and keep things moving in a positive direction.

However…The biggest day for me this December is the 8th. This is the day of the Western States 100 Lottery. The plan goes a little something like this….If I get into Western States, I will attempt to run the Grand Slam of Ultra Running in 2013. This consists of the WS100, the Vermont 100, Leadville 100, and the Wasatch 100. All of these races are 3-4 weeks apart and all must be completed under the Max time. We are waiting to see how the lottery goes but there are certainly a few races for early 2013 that I am planning on focusing on..

Saturday January 5-6 New Year’s Resolution 12hr race–Oahu
Saturday January 19 Hilo to Volcano 50k–Big Island
Saturday February 2 Jed Smith 50–Sacramento
Mid March–Run to the Sun—Maui—–WOW I hope this race actually happens!!!!!

A few other options, depending on the lottery results—
February–American Canyon 50k
April–Oriflame 50k, American River 50M, Lake Sonoma 50M, Diablo Trails Challenge 50k, Leona Divide 50/50
May—Ohlone 50k
June–San Diego 100, WS 100

Thanks again for all your support!!! I hope to see you soon at the races and I hope your training is going well!!!



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