Posted by: runwithgarrison | October 27, 2013

Javelina jundred…Completed!

Aloha everyone!
Apologies for the delayed update. The crewing/blogging team needs to be fired, or at minimum trained as to what “update at 91 mi” means. Crewing/blogging was replaced with pacing for the last nine long but gorgeous miles. It was all worth it to see an Arizona sunrise in the middle of the desert. Michael finished in ~25 hrs 42 min! He dedicated his last loop in honor of those affected by breast cancer (October is breast cancer awareness month) and wore a limited edition Reyn Spooner Aloha shirt, with proceeds going to Kapi’olani Breast Center, established to prevent and treat breast cancer.
Much Aloha everyone! We couldn’t have done it without all your encouraging and supportive words! Off to eat and sleep!





  1. Awesome. Harriet is impressed. She says “nice job.”

  2. Awesome job Michael, congrats! Pauline thanks for keeping us updated on the race.

    • Thanks Peter! As you well know, Pauline does so much more than the updates…including keeping me relatively sane and upright during these long races. The HURT will be our biggest challenge yet!

  3. Wonderful job Michael,you accomplish something that it is way beyond my imagination.
    You are my hero ..Made goal and follow it regardless of many challenges,stay focus on training and constantly push you body and mind to the limit.
    Dedication of last lap in perspective of your run is giving so many
    strength ,and positive attitude toward the future,and also bring us memory
    of love one who departed but they are always with us in our thoughts and hearts,regardless of form of cancer.
    Thank you Pauline for update,and to be Michael 24/7 great supporter.
    Thank you rest of the team for help and support to both of them.

  4. Amazing! What an incredible accomplishment. Thank u for sharing your strength you are a true inspiration !

    • Thanks Doc! You would have loved the awesome blisters. They were the largest and nastiest that i have ever personally experienced.

  5. Well done, Mike! Another 100m under your belt. Valuable experience gained. Not to mention the growing confidence that you can do 100m, no matter what. I’m proud of you Cuz!

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