Posted by: runwithgarrison | October 26, 2013

Javelina jundred…76.5

Michael came through 76.5 mi about 11:30 pm. He’s getting tired but doing great and still on pace to finish in 24 hrs. Thanks everyone for texts, emails, calls and blog comments, they’re all being relayed to him and definitely keeping him going. He’s got one more full 15.3 mi loop followed by a 9 mi loop to complete the race. Thanks all for tuning in, next update @ 91.8 mi!



  1. We are so proud! You are reaching your goals and inspiring us. 🙂 keep it up sir. Love the pics if the crew.

    • Thanks Jenn and Quetta! Hopefully you guys can hang out with Pauline for a little bit at the HURT!

  2. Oh my freaking goodness! You are amazing! Inspiring! I am awestruck. Go Michael! Cheering you on from Palau!

    • Thanks Dianne!!!! I hope you guys are all well in Palau. Have you run around the entire island yet?

      • I wish I could say yes, but the humidity has me beat. I’m still running but no long distances here. Looking forward to getting back in to my groove when we return to the land of aloha in March!

      • Thanks Dianne, We are looking forward to your return to the island in March. Have a Happy New Year!

  3. Michael:
    Way to go! You are doing great.
    More fun following you than Rainbow football. Yup, they lost homecoming.
    I’m putting all my cheering behind you. Go, MG!

    • Big Thanks Earl!!
      Thank you so much for following along! I hope all is well in Manoa!

  4. What a accomplishment so far ,you and the crew are doing fantastic.

  5. Maintain. Maintain. Watching Marine Corp Marathon on rock creek park this morning. Impressive that you are running so much further.

  6. In awe! Keep running Brother!!! Meow.

    • Thanks Brother! Time for you to find a fun excuse to be on Oahu Jan 18-21!!!

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