Posted by: runwithgarrison | October 26, 2013

Javelina Jundred start!

Aloha everyone

It’s a crisp morning out in the desert and we’re hoping the heat later today doesn’t inflict too much pain. Michael got off to a great start this morning right at 6 am. Next update @ 15.3 mi.




  1. Nice, good luck michael!

  2. Go get it Garrison. Also, you are nuts for running today far.

  3. Good luck, Cuz. Be steady eddy like a rock. I’ll be checking in on ya from afar. *cosmic good vibes and all that!* 🙂 (me knows Pauline will pass it along)

    Thanks for keeping us posted, Pauline.

  4. Looking good! You can do this. Good luck to the crew. You can keep michael to his plan. Looking forward to more updates.

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