Posted by: runwithgarrison | October 25, 2013

Pre Race Javelina Jundred


We are getting ready to hit the sack early tonight in anticipation of tomorrow’s Javelina Jundred 100 miler. All the bags are packed, a few bottles are filled, and we are as acclimated to the desert heat as we can be in 2 days.

The race format consists of 6 15 mile laps and a 7th/final lap around 11 miles long. The laps are run in a “washing machine” style with runners alternating direction every lap. It should be a fun race to watch because there are some seriously fast people running and there also seem to be a big bunch of super fun people to be around–I hope I qualify as one of those runners tomorrow!

Pauline will be joined by 2008 Olympian April Steiner-Bennett and a few of her friends/family. I am already grateful for all their help and support. It is such a great feeling to run into an aid station and recognize familiar and friendly faces. April has never seen anything like this before and I am certain that her and Pauline will have a blast @ Javelina Jeadquarters.

The race is also being broadcast online @
They will also post a webcam at the finish line in case you want to check in. My race number is 110.

The race plan is pretty simple–Be patient, stay within myself, be consistent with my Skratch Labs hydration and potato intake.

Goals for this race:
Run consistent, stay level with minimal highs and lows
Have fun and really enjoy myself and my time with my team
Run sub 24 hours
Finish up the race as healthy as possible so I can consider this an excellent training effort for the 2014 HURT–I am now #3 on the wait list:)

Thanks for checking in! Pauline will be posting regularly with updates and photos. As usual, she will also read me any comments that you post when she sees me.

Thanks and I will see you on the other side!




  1. Go Michael,Go.
    It look like it will be great experience for you and your team.
    All the Best.m

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