Posted by: runwithgarrison | June 21, 2012

Holding Myself Accountable

Aloha Everyone,

It’s been about 10 days since I put my 4T’s out there and I wanted to let you know how things were going so far… I have been successful with 3 of the 4 T’s and I have some solid ideas on getting the 4th lined up. Here we go.

Track—I have been to the track 3 times now. Last Monday I put together a nice little Yasso 800 workout of 10×800 with equal time rest. I was hoping to average about 3:00-3:05 and I averaged 2:55 and felt great. Probably the best I have run this workout in about 14 years. The next track workout was 2 days ago-Tuesday where I ran 8x mile with 60-65 seconds rest.The goal was to run about 6:15-6:20 since this workout really busted me up 10 weeks ago. I averaged about 6:33 for 4 of them and I had to stop because I cracked. Well, this time out I finished all 8 and averaged 6:06 with a 5:58 last mile. I was pumped to say the least. I felt solid and in control. The 6th rep was the toughest of course. Mentally, I felt up for the challenge. Today I jumped on the track for a 3rd time with a plan of 16-20 400’s with 1’R (100m walk/jog) shooting for an average of 88. After running 12 with an average of 85 and change, I decided to give myself a “Get Out” effort. My former athletes know these fairly well. Occasionally I would offer to shorten the workout if they could hit a particularly lofty time for a longer effort than the prescribed workout. I chose the mile because I owe my friends JJ and Ryan a “gut check mile” time. The Gut Check Mile is a totally different story that I can address in a later post. Last year, around this time I ran a 5:16 mile fresh and in April of 2011 I ran around 5:30 if I remember correctly. Today, I offered myself a get out time of 5:20. Meaning, if I ran sub 5:20, the workout was finished. If not, then I had 4 more 400’s to blast thru. I gave myself a 300 meter jog after the 12th 400 and then headed out for the mile. It was tough but I finished it up in 5:17! Yep, I am a bit excited because I felt those 12 400’s and I was happy that I could tough out this effort.

Tantalus—Last week I put in 1 solid Tantalus effort from my house, about 15.6 miles and felt really solid on the run. Nothing crazy, just a nice climb with solid focus.

Trails–I finally got up and ran on the tantalus trail system and had a really fun run. Lots of roots and rocks with only 1 fall so I was very happy with the effort. This will become a staple of my running week for sure because I really need to work on my technical trail running. As a matter of fact, that is tomorrow’s workout. So if you are on the trail tomorrow, please say Hi.

Training Partners—This is where I have fallen short. I have a few guys in mind and funny enough, most of their names start with T as well. I just need to track them down and get a plan in place.

Everything else is good. The past 2 weeks I have been able to hit 80 miles per week with a day off. This week should be 80-90 miles and I am feeling stronger every day. This Fall should be fun. The calendar is shaping up this way…

August 12–Skyline 50k Castro Valley—Zeke’s Ultra Debut
September 1–Tantalus Triple Trek 50k–Honolulu
September 2–Honolulu Marathon Readiness series 20k–have some fun
September 22–Noble Canyon 50k San Diego
October 13–Dick Collins 50 Miler–Castro Valley

Thanks again for all the support and thanks for holding me accountable!




  1. Mike, Iso cool you’re out there training and blogging about it! I’m inspired. Keep it up!

    • Thanks Greg. Awesome to hear from you. Thanks for finding the blog. Hope all is well. Aloha

  2. Aloha Mike,
    this is Mike from Yardhouse… finallly made it to your blog!

    • Welcome Mike. So happy you finally found the site. I hope you find it interesting. Best of luck with your training.

  3. Jaw dropping workouts for an old bastard. I’ve been put on notice.

    • Kinda funny that I have logged less miles and fewer workouts this year compared to last year. I am feeling good. Spent a ton of time on the trails today. Ran a bit over 3.5 hours today. Then again, I also took 3 days off because I felt a little cold coming on. All good here. So excited that we get to run together at Skyline!

      • Finally strung two weeks in a row above 50 miles, which is good for me. Also did a 16 miler (combo paved and trails) in the noon heat but used that amphipod (with Scratch secret mix) that you recommended and felt fine the whole way. Starting to feel ready to take some pot-smoking, trail-running hippies to school.

      • Congrats on starting to piece together the solid weeks and getting thru the long run with no issues. Glad you like the amphipod and Skratch Labs. Over here on the island I have taken a few weeks off. I started feeling a little under the weather and I was not recovering well so I decided to take a break. After a nice little vacation on Big Island I feel a little heavy but I am ready for the big buildup to 4 ultras this Fall. Heck, if things go well I might even shoot for a PR at the Honolulu Marathon in December. I am so happy that you are running the Skyline 50k and I can’t wait to run together. Keep up the great work!!!

  4. Good luck this weekend, Cuz. You too, Zeke.

    • Well done gents! Based on your finishing times less than 2 minutes apart, it seems you guys were able to run most of the way together. For the curious:

      Looking forward to your account of the event.

  5. Awesome job this weekend. For not being fit you are pretty damn fit.

    • Thanks for all the hospitality last weekend. It was awesome hanging out. See you in October!

      Fruit Pie

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