Posted by: runwithgarrison | June 8, 2012

Getting back to basics

Aloha Everyone,

Just a quick thought/update on the training plan for the summer. So far my running post-Miwok has been run as I feel with very little planning from day to day. For those of you that know me well, you know that I like to plan things out a bit in advance and make changes as required. So I finally sat down and evaluated my training, goals, and racing calendar and I have decided that I need to spend the next 9-12 weeks working on the 4 T’s.

First T—Track—I am committing to getting back on the track once a week. Rotating thru workouts consisting of 400’s, 1000’s, and mile repeats. I have used these in the past to get me nice and strong. I also like the long days on the track because they force me to work thru tough spots where I want to just stop and go home. When I finish the workouts I set for myself, I always feel tougher and stronger.

Second T—Tantalus–I want to get 2-3 laps per week in on this popular route here in Honolulu. For those who are not familiar with the loop…It is close to a 10 mile road loop with the first half (5 miles) up and then 5 miles down. The elevation gain is a bit over 2000 feet per lap. It is tough but it makes you STRONG!

Third T–Trails—I am planning on jumping on the brutal and technical trails up in Manoa/Tantalus once a week. I want to start to spend some time getting to know these trails focusing on time on my feet instead of mileage. I hope to race the Tantalus Triple Trek 50k up here in September and the HURT 100 in January if I get in thru the lottery.

Fourth T–Training partners–I currently run alone and I do not take advantage of the opportunity to train with some amazing runners and triathletes here on Oahu. I am going to change that very soon!

That is about it for now. I just ordered a new batch of Secret Drink Mix from Skratch Labs so I should be ready to get after it on the trails and roads this summer.

Mahalos for your support!




  1. Love the 4-T’s and truly believe in all 4. Gerry used to have me time trial up Tantalus once a week and you made me strong with endless 400s and mile repeats. Best of luck!

    • Thanks Chantelle. All is going well here. Hopefully I can keep up the routine and find a few training partners soon.

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