Posted by: runwithgarrison | February 11, 2014

Weekly Training–Week Ending February 9, 2014

Just a quick update on last weeks training….
Things are still going relatively according to plan. I am hitting my mileage goals and runs but I am still slacking a bit on the little things that are necessary to get me where I really want to go. Yoga, Planks, and Foam Roller time has been scarce but the mileage and workouts are solid so far.
Here is the quick recap:
**4 recovery days—The best one was a fun 5 miler with Pauline on Sunday
**1 Long run of 15.3 miles. This was my longest effort since the HURT drop so I decided to run Leg 1 of the HURT course with a nice run on the roads before and after the trails. I am going to start incorporating more runs like this where I see a mixture of trail & road
**1 lap around tantalus road clockwise with a time of 79:55. This is a fun little lap with about 1500-1600 feet of climbing followed by the same amount of descending. Great way to mix strength and stride rate work
**1 day at the track. It felt great to get back on the track at UH Manoa. I ran 8×800 with an average of 3:08. My recovery time was a 1 lap jog in between. In my current plan, I am on the track 2 times a month and I know I will be looking forward to some fun every time I hit the track to feel fast.

Total miles for the week: 70.1
Total feet of climbing: 5,361 feet

The goal for this week is to run around 80 miles and to improve my yoga/planks/foam roller participation

Next race on the calendar: Great Aloha Run 8.15 miles February 17

I hope everybody has a great week!



  1. I haven’t commented in while, Cuz, so an overdue super stoked congratulations to you and Pauline!! 🙂

    I’ve always deeply respected your discipline, Mike. If I had half your dedication, I wouldn’t be the 25lbs over weight slothe I am now. Anyway, I’m sure you know that it is just as important to keep up with the recuperation activities as it is to train hard. Stick with those recovery activities to feel fresh each time you require a hard effort from yourself.

    Good luck in the “sprint” this weekend,


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