Posted by: runwithgarrison | March 31, 2014

March Wrap-up

Aloha Everyone,

I realized that it has been a while since I updated the blog…As a matter of fact, this is the first time to sit down and write an update on the blog as a married man! (Other than the quick photo from our amazing week on Big Island where we got married and enjoyed some time together post-wedding.) The month of March has flown by! Away from running, life is amazing. On the running side, I struggled a bit in March to find a rhythm and feel healthy along the way. My right hip issues that sidelined me last summer started to flare up a little bit and I also struggled to settle into a rhythm where I was getting the proper amount of sleep. I needed to take some time to rest. I am starting to feel a bit better and I am going to alter my training plans heading into my two different 50 mile events this summer. Before we talk about that, here is a snapshot of March…

During March, I ran 22 times with 7 of those runs taking place on the trails. This is a ratio that I can really get used to! My months mileage was 206 miles (the lowest monthly total so far this year). I entered and ran in 1 race and that was the HURT Aiea Loop Express 5.2 miler. This was a fun, first-time event with a fantastic group of runners. This was Pauline’s first trail race and she was 8th woman in the race. I placed 7th in the men’s race. The loop was fast, rocky, muddy, and slick…Lots of fun! 

Now onto the plan for April—-the mileage goal will be back into the 250-300 mile range for the month with at least 30% of those runs taking place on the trails. I am going to eliminate the fartlek and speed work for the month and run a month of strictly base work. I think some of the up-tempo work irritated my hip. I think a month of mileage and time-on-my-feet runs will do me some good and be a move in the right direction toward improving my health and fitness. Specific training for the 50 milers will come on the weekends where I want to run back to back long runs at ultra pace. The goal of the weekends will be 35-40 miles of fun time on my feet and to make sure I get enough sleep and recovery during the weekdays. The only races I have entered in April are Saturday & Sunday April 12-13. They are the HURT Top of Tantalus 7 miler and the Hapalua 13.1. I am planning on just running for some fun and training. No big expectations except to put in fun miles with some cool people.

Big Congrats to Jeff for racing his first Ultra! He was 6th at the Old West Trails 50k a few weeks ago–Great job Jeff!

No other big running news to report at this time. Here’s to a Happy and Healthy April!


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