Posted by: runwithgarrison | January 18, 2014

HURT Lap 2 done…and calling it a night

Aloha everyone!
With heavy hearts we’ve decided to end the 100 miler after Michael finished 40 miles. He suffered some stomach issues which left him feeling empty and started suffering cramping during the last lap. We crewed him for a while, got him to keep some food down but at the end of the day (night) it made more sense not to do any more damage. We appreciate so much everyone sending their best wishes and keeping us going as a team. Running is a journey with twists, turns, highs and lows and although this race didn’t turn out like we planned there’s always another race and another challenge to strive for. It’s not how many times you fall but how many times you get back up. Stay tuned for post race report (we’ll be sure to edit the retching stories). Mahalo again to our wonderfully supportive friends and family<3
Also massive thank you to HURT staff, volunteers and ultra community. We saw some old friends and made many new ones. Appreciate greatly all the help we received along the way and words of wisdom that made our decision, while difficult, the right one.



  1. Health is more important of all!.Michael they will be much more runs ahead of you.To made training, and run as many miles as you did it is already accomplishment .To make wise decision when to stop race can be more
    difficult that running, and doing that it only show how strong you are.
    Thank you team Garrison to keep us posed,
    and to be with Michael” all the way”
    Michael fell better!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lots of respect for completing the 40 and having the sense to know when you have to save it for another day. It may be a low but there will be a high to match it in the future.

  3. Team Garrison will live to see another fight.

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