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Pre race: HURT 100


The time is almost here….less then 36 hours away from the 6am start of the 2014 HURT 100. This will be my 3rd 100 miler but the HURT will certainly be the toughest race that I have ever attempted. I am going into the race with the goal of being one of 50 or so finishers that complete the course under the allotted 36 hour cutoff. I am heading into the race almost healthy (my right hip still gives me occasional issues) and I have been able to avoid all the flu/colds/strep throat issues that have been bouncing around this winter. My mileage has peaked at 70 miles/week and I am heading to the starting line a bit under-trained. Better to get to the start line a little under-trained and healthy than to show up over-trained and injured. I am excited, nervous, terrified, relaxed, curious, and grateful to have this opportunity. I am also extremely grateful to have this opportunity to race at home with many friends around to help Pauline crew and support along the way.

A few notes about the race…

The race consists of 5 20 mile laps filled with rocks, roots, mud, and 5000 feet of climbing per lap in the beautiful rainforests of Oahu.

There are 3 aid stations per lap: the start finish @ the Nature Center in Makiki, Paradise Park in Manoa, and Nu’uanu

There will be live updates  at

There will be live video feeds at all 3 aid stations at

I am Race Bib #36

All race info can be found at

Here is the link to the Google maps directions to all 3 aid stations,+2131+Makiki+Heights+Drive,+Honolulu,+HI&daddr=3737+Manoa+Road,+Honolulu,+HI+to:Nuuanu+Pali+Dr+to:Hawaii+Nature+Center,+2131+Makiki+Heights+Drive,+Honolulu,+HI&hl=en&ll=21.324399,-157.828131&spn=0.047973,0.090895&sll=21.3246,-157.827945&sspn=0.047973,0.090895&geocode=FVg2RQEdiLaX9iHwBaVnb7fZKimnDeTPuW0AfDHwBaVnb7fZKg%3BFeV1RQEddCKY9imtE_xJ-mwAfDERqpltxys7IQ%3BFdy6RQEdTNiX9g%3BFVg2RQEdiLaX9iHwBaVnb7fZKimnDeTPuW0AfDHwBaVnb7fZKg&oq=Hawaii+Nature+Center&t=h&mra=ls&z=14

Pauline and Erik will be on crew duty all weekend surely to be joined by many of our amazing Ohana here on Oahu. Massive Mahalos to Erik who is flying out from the Bay Area to hang out and help us get thru this! They will also be posting race updates on the blog as well as our new Twitter account @Runwithgarrison

Pacing duties will start around 5pm on Saturday or 60 miles into the race and will be handled by Jeff and Shelby.

I will be using multiple Garmin GPS watches to make sure I can get all 100 miles covered and mapped. I have been uploading my training onto and it has been a great way to reconnect with some old friends and gain tons of inspiration from friends, peers, and runners that I truly admire. What an outstanding tool!

On the nutrition front, I will have my trusty Skratch Labs drink in my pack and I have picked up 5 pounds of potatoes to make sime of the yummiest race food around. Check it out:

I am hoping to keep my laps all in the 5-7 hour range in order to finish under the 36 hour cutoff.

Thanks for all your support and a big Aloha to all the HURT racers, crew, and volunteers this weekend!





  1. You’re gonna be awesome!!!

  2. Good luck Michael!! See ya at Pirates of Paradise! 🙂

  3. Go get man. In a controlled, steady kind of way, of course.

  4. Good luck Micheal!

  5. We’ll be keeping tabs on you, good luck Michael!

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