Posted by: runwithgarrison | September 21, 2013

Noble Canyon 50k

This morning we’re in the very beautiful but very cold Cleveland National Forest area, just east of San Diego. This is Michael’s third time running the Noble Canyon 50k, although the course today is different than years past due to recent fires. The course is an out and back. Team Garrison is crewing at miles 14 and 16 (same stop at the out and back) and will update close to the halfway point.




  1. Have a great race!! Awesome to see you back at it. Stay strong brother!

    • Thanks Dan
      Good starting point. See you guys in a few weeks.
      Can’t wait to hang out

  2. Looking Sharp! Go Team Garrison. 🙂

    • Thanks Jenn!
      I appreciate all the support. See you soon!

  3. That is a sexy outfit! Lookin good!

    • Thanks Martina. I dressed myself this morning:)
      See you soon!

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