Posted by: runwithgarrison | April 20, 2013

Mt Diablo Trails Challenge 50k

Aloha everyone! Greetings from the East Bay…

We’re about 15 min away from the Mt Diablo 50k start. It’s a gorgeous day out and Michael is looking forward to a great run. TeamGarrison is planning on crewing at mi 8.2, 23, 28.1 and cheering at the 31.1 mi finish and hoping to post a few updates along the way.

Mahalo for tuning in!




  1. Good Luck! We are cheering! PS love the style choices for today.

    • Mahalo Jenn!

      The shorts worked great at Diablo. Not so great here in Krakow

      See you soon. Hope you had a great birthday!

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