Posted by: runwithgarrison | December 30, 2012

Training Summary Week ending 12-30-12

Aloha all,

Finally a week where I was able to get in a run every day–and it felt great!
I was able to get in 61 miles this past week and I hope this is the start of new trend in my training. Saturday I ran my longest run of the week with Kent–we put in a chill 13 miles that included a nice long climb up into one of the beautiful valleys here on Oahu. I also ran my first workout in months–10×2 minutes ON with 1 minute OFF. I was able to run 4.25 miles in the 30 minutes of the workout and I was very pleased. This week I was able to squeeze in 2 runs under 7:40 pace.

Moving forward, I am going to separate my training weeks into the following mileage groups:
A=45-60 miles per week
B=61-75 miles per week
C=76+ miles per week

The upcoming week should be very, very fun with a few racing opportunities here on island. I am planning on jumping into my first ever New Years Day race by running the Bosetti 10k in Hawaii Kai. I am very curious to see what sort of effort I can put together now that I am feeling comfortable running again. Then, on Saturday night and Sunday morning, I will run my first 12hr race over at Kuoloa Ranch on Windward Oahu. The Resolution Ultra and Relay will be mostly run at night on a hilly 4 mile trail loop. It will be great to get out and just have a nice, relaxed & fun race. Sweet P and a few other friends will be out crewing for me at the race and we are looking into buying a small camping stove so Sweet P can cook me up some of her yummy homemade pierogi to eat along the route.

I am looking forward to a great 2013 and I think this week is the perfect start!

I hope all of you have a Happy and Safe New Year



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