Posted by: runwithgarrison | October 7, 2012

iRun 25k Race Report

Aloha Everyone,

Today I ventured back into the racing scene here in Hawaii and I am happy to report that things went much better than I thought they would. In the 2 weeks since the Noble Canyon 50k, I have been following the “run as I feel” pattern that I have been on since my return from illness. The mileage for the past 2 weeks has been 52.79 and 69.83 miles per week. Over the past 2 weeks I have also found a great new hill to run up—Sierra Road. It is shorter than Tantalus and plenty steep. More on the new training route to follow..Let’s get ot the race report….

I am finally starting to feel better so my plan for the race was to try to run as even as possible and just go out for a nice, steady run. I was not heading into the run looking for a serious competitive effort, especially since I am running the Dick Collins Firetrails 50 Miler in 6 days. Last year at this 25k I ran 1:49:15 and I was in pretty good shape. Granted, at the race last year I was very tired from months of hard training/racing and the 25k raceday turned out to be the day the wheels fell off. I felt solid for about 9 of the 15 miles and then I just fell apart somehow managed to finish at near 7 minute pace. Today, I was determined to make this day different. During my warmup, I really did not feel all that good and I was simply just hoping to be able to hold 7 minute pace for the entire effort. I specifically did not want to go out to hard because there is a half-mile long hill that we go up-down and then run back over again from about 9-11 miles.

As the race started, I felt surprisingly comfortable around 6:30 pace and I had no issue letting the top 10 take off and I settled in with a few familiar faces as we worked into a solid rhythm. From miles 4-9 I ran with local Boston Qalifiers Shawn, Jeff, and Will and we rolled along at about 6:35 pace. We shared the pacing duties a bit and I felt like we worked well together as a group. Once we hit the hill, we all separated and settled into our own races from that point on. I think I came thru the half marathon around 1:26-1:27 and at that point I was a bit tired and rolled into the finish around 7 minute pace. My overall time was 1:43:33, much better than last year, and the average was 6:41 pace. I finished 13th overall and won the 40-44 age group. I was joined on the age group podium by Jeff and Will. I am very, very happy with my race because this is the first time I have run anything sub 7 minute pace since a mile repeat workout June 10 and the Hibiscus Half Marathon late May. My daily training has been run at 7:55-8:30 pace. I am excited to see what Saturday’s 50 Miler has in store.

I want to give a Big Mahalo to Frank and his team at iRun for not only sponsoring the event, but for also providing me with such excellent support and gear. I am extremely proud to be associated with Frank and iRun. Please check out his site

Big Mahalos also to Martina, Kris, and Ryan for coming out to support me and hang out at the finish.

I think that is about it for now and I will post again next week after the Dick Collins Firetrails 50 Miler in Castro Valley, CA. Hopefully, I will see a lot of you there!

Much Aloha



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