Posted by: runwithgarrison | May 5, 2012

Back to Stinson

Michael came through the first aid station Randall Trail (12.6 mi) right on schedule at 7 am. He looked great and traded his pack for a fresh one loaded with Skratch Labs drink mix, salt tabs, and parmesan potatoes. Having a pack loaded and ready for him is making aid station turnovers very quick and easy. Team Garrison is back at Stinson (@ Fire Dept) waiting to do another pack exchange at 26.2 mi. The sun is out and Team Garrison took the opportunity to stroll the beach with high hopes of finding a sand dollar as a good luck charm. No sooner than this thought materialized did a sand dollar reveal itself right at the waters edge…and less than 20 yards later another one appeared! Team Garrison has their thoughts about which two angels set these out for Michael.







  1. Good Job team Garrison!.I think 2 sand dollars it is good sign of good luck not only for today but years to come

  2. Run Garrison Run! Keep up that fantastic pace. I’m sure there are more that 2 angels on your side. Thanks for the updates P. We will keep checking in.

  3. Glad to hear the two-hydration pack plan worked well for Team G.

    Thanks for the pictures, Paula and the super reports.

    • T how we ever underestimated your brilliance is beyond us. The T-Two-Pack system works beutifully!!! Miss you on the trails!!!

  4. “Paula And The Super Reports” Sweet band name. 🙂

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