Posted by: runwithgarrison | May 5, 2012


Michael just ran past Tennessee Valley Rd for the first time at 38.1 miles. He got a fresh pack and a slathering of sunscreen and was sent on his way on a 12.4 mile loop through the valley. He’ll have some amazing views as he runs through the Golden Gate Recreational Area! Team Garrison will wait for him to run past TN Valley Rd at 50.5 mi., then it’s just one more aid station at Muir Beach before heading back to Stinson for the finish.



  1. Keep it up man of steel. We r rooting u on from the boring softball game. 10-0 here. Not our day!!

    • Ouch! Hope soccer was more entertaining. We should’ve done the redheaded swap this morning!

  2. Keep on going Michael! Rooting for you from Portland!!!

  3. Keep going Michael- you are doing great.Pauline thank you for updating us with run in progress , great pictures,and most of all to keep Michael alive.

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