Posted by: runwithgarrison | March 26, 2012

Happy to be back training

Aloha! I am so happy to be back on the roads again. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the break and I put on a few extra pounds in the process, but I am so very happy to be back in the rhythm and training again.

I am feeling completely healthy. The right hip is no longer sore but I am staying on top of the contrast baths 3-4 days a week and stepping up my stretching routine. I really need to add yoga because I think it could really help with my overall health. I also can’t wait to get back into the gym at Crossfit Oahu on April 1.

2 weeks ago I put in a nice easy 40 miles and i rocked out 50 miles last week. Most of the miles are in my brand new New Balance 890 v2—amazing shoe!!!!! I am running around 7:30-8:05 pace and feeling nice and relaxed. Actually put in a nice little 10k training run around 45 minutes on Sunday.

The next race on the calendar is the Diablo Trail Challenge 50k in Northern California. I am excited to get out and race again. I might have to readjust some goals for the next few months of training because I had to take a little more time to recover from the 100 miler than I had planned. I am also super excited to attend a post-race BBQ with some old friends. I hope we can make this a tradition because it is awesome to get together with old buddies every time I leave the island.

I look forward to taking you all with me on the trails!

I also want to thank iRun for the amazing waterproof headphones and comfy socks!!!! please check them out online at

Much Aloha and Keep on Running



  1. Hey, I just bought those same shoes! They feel fast, don’t they? They are definitely more flexible and lower heel than my foot is used to. Funny to finish a run and feel like your feet are more tired than your legs.

    • That is the exact reason that I love the shoes. I just picked up a few new pairs to add to the collection. See you tomorrow.

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