Posted by: runwithgarrison | January 8, 2012

Week 1 Training

I finally feel recovered from a lackluster end to 2011 and it feels like 2012 is getting started on the right foot.  You can check out my training routes on garmin connect.  look for coachgarrison

Monday–Tantalus loop from home. This route includes a 5 mile, solid climb followed by a really fun descent. Tough course and I love to use it as a fitness gauge.  I credit most of my strength to my time on Tantalus. First day using my new Nathan Vest and I an already tell it will be a very helpful tool in my racing. Completed 15.52 miles in 1:56:19–A training PR for this loop. Averaged 7:27 pace, 42:49 up and 29:58 down the hill. Great first run of 2012

Tuesday–Nice easy 10 miler around Diamond Head, 7:45 pace. Need more runs like this!

Wednesday–Very easy 9 miles around Diamond Head before my first crossfit workout at CrossFit Oahu. 3 pullups in the park after the run. Great workout at crossfit

Thursday–10 miles around Diamond Head. Fartlek workout 6x 6:30′ on and 90″ off. This is a staple workout for me and it went very, very well. Wanted to stop after 4 reps but worked through it. 7:00 pace average for entire run and very sore from squats yesterday. Pace during the ON efforts ranged from 6:14-6:43(up Diamond Head).

Friday–Relaxed 8 miler around Diamond Head before crossfit. 8:05 pace. I’m a little sore from the past few days.

Saturday—Great 24 miler!!! Filled up my Nathan pack with 2 liters of Secret Drink Mix and headed out the door. Started out up over Diamond Head and along the marathon course. Took the left on Kilauea and tackled the super steep climb. From there, rolled along thru the neighborhoods and UH campus until I found my self at the base of Tantalus. 46:51 to the top and 33:34 down. Ran the loop counter clockwise and never felt like I went past 3rd gear. Stayed very relaxed the entire time. After the loop, I headed toward the beach for a nice finish to the run. Super happy with the effort–big confidence builder! The only negative—I wore the vest with no shirt underneath and I chafed up my back a little and the pack took on a bright red tint . Looks like my angel wings have been clipped–lesson learned. Hydration felt perfect. Great end to the week–I earned a rest day Sunday

Weekly totals—76.67 miles for the week, long run 24 miles. 2 Crossfit workouts. Gear used—New Balance 890–336.49 miles so far, Adidas Glide–123.68 miles, Nathan HPL #020 Race Vest, Secret Drink Mix, Garmin 410, Thermolyte Metasalt, Waterproof Ipod Nano, iRun waterproof headphones





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